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We're increasing restaurant throughput and guest satisfaction with a refined checkout experience

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For your guests

CheckPlease empowers your guests by allowing them to pay for their bill in 14 seconds, without the need to find their server.

For your restaurant

CheckPlease identifies trends in your dining experience while delivering actionable insights into improving daily operations.

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Mobile Payments Adoption

based on Hospitality Technology’s Restaurant Technology Study 2022: Making Magic Happen

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Our Solutions


Through a simple SMS (text message), Text-To-Pay delivers your guests our most invisible payment option available. A simple check-in process at the hostess stand provides your guests a payment link with no app downloads, no tabletop signage, and no new hardware required. Your guests pay at their earliest convenience without the need for server assistance. The end result: increased customer satisfaction, staff productivity, and table turnover.


Our Scan-To-Pay product delivers all of the benefits of a contactless payment option with minimum impact to your restaurants' operations. This is not your average QR code, but rather an integrated solution with your POS and Payment Gateway. Put the power to pay at any time in the hands of your guests without ever needing to see a physical check, download an app, or ask a server to split the bill. Just scan and pay.

Grab n' Go

Grab N' Go is our most simple solution yet, focusing on increasing the efficiency of the to-go order experience while driving cost savings. Guests remotely pay for their to-go and takeout orders leading to less friction at the point of pickup. This seamless solution creates a more efficient payment process without relinquishing control to third party vendors who charge restaurants 15% or more for facilitating pick up orders. Send a payment link to a guests mobile devices so they can Grab N' Go.

Our Partners & Integrations

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card Scan, and Manual Entry

Give your guests multiple ways to pay with our safe, secure, and reliable payment methods. Pay, split, or transfer the check with ease.

For Channel Partners: CheckPlease Revenue-Share Program

CheckPlease operates under a Monthly License and a consumer-paid, Cost Per Transaction (CPT) business model. Contact for details and to learn about our CPT revenue sharing program đź’°